Thursday, July 30, 2009

En France.

I was scheduled to leave the U.S.A. Monday @7pm from SFO. It was a long United (supposed to be Lufthansa, but cheapoair lied!!) flight from SFO to Frankfurt, Germany. Unfortunately for me the man sitting in front of me had a broken seat, so when he pushed the button to pop his chair back it actually tilted all the way into my lap, of which he didn't seem to mind at all! His bald head was right in my lap, I could barely read my magazines. It was a painfully long flight.

I delt with a mean German official who checked my passport, he was a big guy with a curly mustache that made it hard to take him seriously, he was so German looking. Once through this hurdle I had to re-check my carry-on for my Lufthansa flight to Paris which was in an hour. They didn't like my laptop cooler (a tray with a fan that cools your laptop while you work on it), I had to step aside and unpack my entire carry-on, which was embarassing. I had such random crap in my bag, I looked like a freak. Stuff I planned on bringing to India to help me decorate and make it more homey. Posters, magnets, a pair of shoes, a flat iron, four books (all random), little doodads and trinkets. Luckily the man swiped my laptop cooler with a pad that detects some sort of bad chemical and it passed. I was allowed to repack my crap and move on.

I was so tired, Lufthansa flight was short, a mere 50 minutes and I'd landed in Paris.

We landed in the airport of my nightmares Charles De Gaulle (don't ask!), and I was the walking dead by this point. Felt like I had a gigantic hangover. I hadn't slept in over 24 hours. I got my bag as quickly as possible and as soon as I walked out of the exit there was Remi, with a big smile on his face. I had not seein him in over a month, and his smile warmed my heart. He immediately gave me a hug, my long lonely flight with hours of sleeplessness was all worth it.

Everything negative my body had been feeling melted away, and in that instant, I felt home.


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