Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Nesting" Phase.

Been sorta getting into my groove here and now that I have another pc here + cable TV (Yay! finally works!), I haven't been into writing. It's been nice just trying to relax into my usual self. Set up some sort of normal life here with dinner together, some of our favorite tv shows, and of course some computer time!

But I'll give you an update. The school is sort of in a frenzy at the moment, the students have started arriving and school will officially start in less than a week.

As most of you have probably already seen from the facebook photos I updated, Remi and I finally went to the mall and bought some things for the house (living room photo posted above). Decorative things, what a difference I tell you! Remi wanted to be only practical, buying things we really needed like our drier and other much needed bathroom and kitchen stuff. But I told him we should have a small budget for decorative things, otherwise this place will keep looking like a hotel and never feel like home. It's definitely made a difference, even Remi agrees!

I spend my time doing lame women's work. By that I mean cleaning house, doing laundry, washing dishes. But I also do a lot of research on India, trying to find all the places we should go. I am sort of in charge of our vacations and weekend plans/entertainment. Not to mention the buying of all the items for the house we still need.

This whole 'staying home' thing is not permanent I can tell you that! I'm already getting a little cabin fever as it is. So I've been researching the Osho Ashram which is in downtown Pune and boasts the worlds largest meditation classes. It's cheap for a monthly pass to the Ashram, only like $20 a month. It's sort of like being a member to a gym, for your spirit. I really want to take part in the yoga classes they offer as well.


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