Friday, June 4, 2010



Okay I know I haven't posted anything in awhile. *insert typical "I've been so BUSY!" comment*

(Warning! This entry is not really related to India.)

Remi and I are planning a large vacation (Yes, we Americans say "vacation" not "holiday") and the whole planning process has been a long one!

The trip has been in the works for the past couple months, we knew when Rem's school year here was up we'd finally have time to use up his vacation time. Since he is working in India for a French company he gets the French vacation days, which is 3-4 weeks! (So much nicer than the crappy American 2 weeks, ugh.)

Since we're in Asia, we thought we should do a grand vacation of Southeast Asian countries. Here's the itinerary: 1 week in China, starting in Beijing, head to Shanghai via train, from Shanghai to Hong Kong. End first week! (I know! Lots of craziness...) Second week in Thailand, predominantly in Phuket! (the beach pictured above.) We're super excited about this, we plan on relaxing in Kata Beach for 4 days, then switch to Patong Beach (party town) for some crazy fun! Third week we take the train from Thailand through Malaysia, stop off in Kuala Lumpur then head to Singapore. Four days in Singapore, of which one of the days will be spent taking a boat to one of the Indonesian islands for a day trip.

*takes a breath*

I've never had such a crazy vacation. My first trip to Japan came pretty close, since it was nearly three weeks and involved travelling all over Japan via bullet train. So needless to say we're totally beyond stoked for this much needed vacation!!!

I attempted to get our visas for China (the only country we're travelling to that's asking for one), but I was so confused by the websites and was nervous about sending our passports anywhere in India (things get lost here in the mail). But luckily the women who handles all the teachers travel visas offered to take care of both mine and Remi's, even though it was not business related.

So just today we received our visas! YAY.

In a week in a half I'll be in China!


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