Monday, August 30, 2010

World's Best Countries

Interestingly, I was watching The Colbert Report yesterday and busted up laughing at his usual comments regarding Canada, Americans love to poke fun at Canada. And no, I don't know why, we just do. The episode was hilarious though, he discusses the latest article in Newsweek magazine on "The World's Best Countries".

Check out the clip here... (the embed didn't work on blogger for some reason, but please check out the clip before reading further)

This prompted me to research the article in Newsweek he was talking about, the "World's Best Country" ratings. I checked out their website where they have an "Interactive Infograph" of EVERY country in the world and it's rankings with Education, Health, Quality of Life, Economic Dynamism, and Political Environment. It was fascinating to see, and very surprising. Surprising to me that the U.S. made it as high as 11 on the rankings list. Considering our horrible health care system and education falling farther and farther behind. But I suppose 11 seems somewhat accurate. I was also surprised that Japan was not higher, only making it to number 9. Tsk tsk Japan!

Anyway, of course I looked up India, which made it to a shocking (yet not shocking) #78. Wow. I mean I imagined them behind, but I was surprised such countries like Honduras, Tunisia, Colombia, Philippines, Jordon, among other Middle Eastern countries that were ranked higher than India. As I said...makes sense, yet doesn't, and why is that? I can only explain it this way, it's due to the huge extremes in India. A massive difference between the "haves" and "have nots". It's so drastic sometimes you almost forget that like NOBODY shops at these malls you go to, except you, other expats, and the other 10% of the country who actually can. You live in a huge contrast, especially when volunteering where you see the lowest of the low, yet go shop at what (In India) is considered the best of the best. It's just weird.

Even Botswana and Kenya ranked higher on Education than India, tsk tsk India.

Check the stats for yourself here. (scroll down to #78 and hover over India)


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