Monday, July 26, 2010

Monsoon Season, time to get wet!

There is something very magical about rain. Of course, being raised in Southern California where you get rain maybe 3 times a year probably has something to do with my personal feelings towards rain. I remember as a child those days where we'd have a full days rain (ultra rare) and it feeling like a real winter to me. You see, we don't have huge change in seasons in Southern California, it's pretty much glorious weather year round. Mild temperatures without a cloud in the sky. This is what I grew up with, never too hot, never too cold. Sounds boring, but when it's all you're used too, any change in weather is considered 'freaky'. Like rain. But oh how I loved the rain, such magic! Cold wet rain,wearing your raincoat, carrying and umbrella, coming home and warming up to a fire my Mom would light in the fireplace. This is my winter.

Of course for Remi it's much the opposite, he loathes the rain. Hailing from Lille (Northern France) where it rains continuously throughout the year, with gloomy cloudy weather every day. Having only a brief window of summer in which the sun graced you with it's presence...I can see why he hates the rain.

But, it's monsoon season in India right now and as I'm typing the rain is pouring outside my window. It has been raining steady for the past week now, usually stopping at night and starting again in the morning. I've never experienced rains like here in India before. Last year I arrived during monsoon, but I was told it was a somewhat weak season. But this year has been pretty much on the mark, pouring rain every day.

I love it. It makes me feel like a child again, the excitement of the rain falling, the sounds, the smell of wet asphalt. It makes me want to curl up on my couch and read a book while sipping hot coco. I can't help it, I love anything that makes me feel like a kid.

(Attached a news report of this years monsoon arrival, though it's in Hindi you can see some of the video of the rains)


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