Monday, July 12, 2010

Finally home!!!

Remi and I got back from our three week Asian vacation few days ago. Let me just say, three weeks is a long time!

I am only now able to reflect and begin going through all the photos. So far we have posted Beijing and Shanghai albums on our facebook. Still working on Hong Kong, Phuket, and Singapore. On top of that we have mountains of laundry to do and no food in the house.

Today however I visit the kids to give them some bracelets I picked up for them in Thailand. I'm so excited, I haven't seen them in nearly a month! I miss those guys so much! I am just hoping they don't fight over who gets what color bracelet (always an issue when lots of kids are involved).

Here is one pic from the first set of photos. Our journey began in Beijing, we visited the Great Wall on the second day. We walked so incredibly far that day that we actually got to parts of the wall which were empty of the typical tourist scene. It was so peaceful and amazing out there alone on this ancient piece of history. Though I did feel like I might die on a few of the really steep climbs, the reward was totally worth it!

I will post a better update this week...

In the meantime I leave you with a song my driver was singing to yesterday in the car. Oh India, how weird are your tastes in music...


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